Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teenagers target shooting with a variety of guns wound a nearby nursing home worker

Two 18-year-old boys were shooting guns in a wooded area in Flatwoods, Kentucky. One of the bullets traveled 250 yards and struck an employee and a car at a local nursing home.
The employee was shot in the arm and has been treated and released from the hospital. He was in the parking lot when he was shot.

After tracing the path of the bullet police found a small arsenal of weapons believed to have been used in the shooting. Police seized pistols,rifles, military-style assault rifles and plenty of ammunition after finding trees chews up by gunfire and maybe 50 spent shell casings from five different caliber weapons.
The gunshots were heard by many in the nearby community and a local elementary school was placed on lockdown while the incident was investigated.
The local police have turned the investigation over to the prosecutor. "We'll see what happens," said the police chief. "Some serious charges may be filed in this."

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