Thursday, July 30, 2015

Teen unintentionally shoots himself with gun in his pocket

18-year-old Steven Franklin, of Covington, Kentucky, was carrying a loaded .22 caliber revolver in his pocket.  When he sat down the gun unintentionally discharged and shot Franklin in the leg.

Franklin was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Covington Police declared the incident an accident and no charges were filed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teen shot and killed taking photo of her friend holding a rifle

16-year-old Selena Lewis, of Maiden, North Carolina went with her friends to look at a Ruger .22-caliber rifle one of them was considering buying.

The rifle seller had left the gun in the back of a pick-up truck on his property so 21-year-old Christopher Webb could look at the gun. The seller wasn't home at the time.

Selena was taking a picture of Webb holding the gun when Webb unintentionally discharged the weapon. Selena was shot in the chest.

Selena was taken to a local hospital and died before she could be airlifted to a medical center in Charlotte.

Webb told police he didn't realize there was a magazine in the rifle.  The district attorney is reviewing the case. 

Girl shot in the neck by stray bullet while traveling in car on Interstate 55

An 11-year-old Kirksville, Missouri girl was traveling with her family on Interstate 55 when the driver's side window suddenly blew out. The incident occurred near the 2-mile marker in Missouri.

According to the Pemiscot County Sheriff, "the first thought was the heat caused it; however, the 11-year-old was in the back seat and began complaining of pain in her neck. It was determined she had been shot by a 9mm round."

The girl was airlifted to a hospital in Memphis, TN for treatment.

Deputies are investigating a person who was shooting his pistol in the area at the same time. If a shot missed the berm, it would be in line with I-55. Ballistic testing is being done on two pistols.

The girl was reportedly released from the hospital later that evening and the family continue on its vacation.