Monday, March 7, 2016

Wife of Eagles band member killed in unintentional shooting

63-year-old Lana Ray Meisner, wife of Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner, was killed at their home when a rifle being moved unintentionally discharged. 

According to police, as Lana lifted the rifle in the case, another item within the case shifted and hit the rifle causing it to fire.  She died of a single gunshot wound.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

About 90 minutes before the incident, North Hollywood police went to the Meisner's home in response to a radio call from a woman asking for police assistance for a possibly intoxicated male suspect.  Police took a domestic violence incident report and left.  

In 2015, Randy was placed under 24-hour supervision after allegedly threatening a murder-suicide with an AK-47.

Randy was cooperative throughout the investigation of his wife's death.