Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22-year-old looking at handgun unintentionally shoots and kills 27-year-old

22-year-old David McRea, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was with a group of people standing on a porch when a woman handed him a semi-automatic handgun to look at. According to reports, McRea was inspecting the gun when he hit the trigger and unintentionally fired the weapon.
The bullet hit 27-year-old James Crouch in the chest. Crouch was taken to the hospital and later died of his injuries.
McRea told police he had no argument with Crouch and in fact they didn't even know each other. McRea has been arrested on charges of second degree assault and manslaughter.
A neighbor said Crouch was a military veteran and owned several guns. "Jimmy was a nice, down-to-earth sociable guy," he said. "He certainly didn't deserve this to happen to him."

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