Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother tells 911 toddler shot himself with gun left "where he usually can't reach it."

3-year-old Lucas Heagren, of Mount Vernon, Ohio found an loaded, unlocked handgun in his home and unintentionally shot himself in the head. Lucas died of his injuries six hours later.
Kaitlin Campbell, Lucas' mother, called 911 and reported her son had shot himself with a 9mm handgun. She told the dispatcher the gun was being kept on top of the television "where he usually can't reach it."
However, the sheriff thinks another gun was involved in the tragedy. The investigation indicates that a .45-caliber handgun was involved in the shooting, not a 9mm. Investigators found the .45-caliber handgun on a couch and think Lucas may have found it on a dresser in the bedroom. Reports indicate that the 9mm was still on top of television. Reports do not indicate if any other guns were found in the home.
The prosecutor has not yet determined is any charges will be filed against the parents for failing to safely lock up the guns.

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