Thursday, May 17, 2012

Man unintentionally shot in butt when neighbor takes law into his own hands

Robert Rider, of SeaTac, Washington was concerned when he heard a voice in the house next door that was supposed to be empty. He found a man in his 20s who was trespassing. According to an interview with Rider, "Something had to be done, I wanted him gone. I tried to get him to go and he wouldn't go."
So Rider went back to his home and instead of calling the police he got his shotgun and returned to the house next door. He didn't know where the young man was so he decided to cock his gun.
"He got past me and I turned and I was following him out of the house and tripped over my own shoe and the shotgun went off," said Rider. "He had blood stains on his pants and I immediately felt bad."
The injured man was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for a birdshot wound to the buttocks. His injuries are not life-threatening.
"I feel real bad about it. I've never shot anyone before in my life. I wished I could take it back. I don't like the idea that I shot somebody," said Rider.
Police said that such actions by neighbors are discouraged. "It's always better to pick up the phone and call us," said the sheriff. "It could have been a much different scenario if the suspect was armed."
Rider was booked for investigation of assault but has yet to be charged with a crime. The injured man could be charged with trespassing.

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