Thursday, May 24, 2012

3-year-old finally home from hospital, 6 weeks after being injured in unintentional shooting

17-year-old Christopher Smith, of Fairhope, Alabama, was babysitting his two younger siblings, Teela, age 5, and Jayden, age 3. According to reports, he took two rifles out of a closet and began loading and unloading them and cleaning the scopes. At one point he turned the Remington 710 towards the children and watched them through the scope of the rifle, but quickly realized that was "a stupid thing to do."
Christopher says that when he put the weapon down across his lap it accidentally fired. The bullet struck Teela in the head and proceeded on and struck Jayden in the chest. Teela was killed and Jayden was taken to the hospital.
Christopher is facing manslaughter charges but his attorney maintains the Remington rifle has a long history of problems. (See 2010 CNBC report Remington Under Fire.)
Jayden came home this week after spending six weeks in the hospital. According to a family friend, "They are learning to cope and trying to get back into a normal lifestyle. Christopher's mother loves him, she understands this is a total tragic accident....that's her son."

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