Saturday, July 31, 2010

Correctional officer practicing at gun range shoots self in leg

A correctional officer in Rosenberg, Texas was practicing shooting at the local gun range when he somehow discharged the gun while it was next to his body. He suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and needed to be airlifted to hospital. He is listed in stable condition.
Ohh shoot.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wife thought husband was intruder, shot him six times

Angelicque T. was awakened by a noise so she sent her husband, Stephen, to investigate. According to police, "At some point, Stephen was shot by Angelicque, who said she thought her husband was an intruder."
The couple's business website states, "Stephen and his wife of 16 years, Angelicque, are the proud parents of five children. They reside in Bend, Oregon and serve their community by helping multiple charities and churches in Bend and across the Pacific to the Philippines."
Stephen was shot with a handgun five times in the stomach and once in the wrist. He is still in critical condition. The couple's four sons were home at the time of the shooting.
Ohh shoot.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Target practicing teens miss target, shoot lifeguard at public pool

Five teenagers were target practicing with .22-caliber rifles near a subdivision in O'Fallon, Missouri. One of the bullets missed the target and traveled nearly three quarters of a mile before hitting a 16-year-old lifeguard at a crowded public pool.
Police seized four rifles but no charges have been filed because it's legal to shoot off guns in unincorporated St. Charles County.
"They need to find a better way to set up this target practice. If that bullet can come this far into the limits here, then they need to find a safer way to set that up," said a woman who was at the pool with her granddaughter.
Ohh shoot.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Man driving through someone else's gun fight is shot and killed

29-year-old William E. was driving home with a group of friends. He stopped at a red light in Richmond, Virginia. The light turned green, William started to go when a bullet burst through the back glass of the car and slammed into his head. According to one of the passengers, "William slumped over a bit, his arms went limp and he had blood on his face."
Police believe that the shooting was not random, that the gunman had selected a target, but that William unknowingly drove his vehicle into the line of fire and was struck.
Ohh shoot.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun vendor's son shot in leg at weekend gun show.

An Oklahoma gun vendor, set up at a weekend gun show in Oklahoma City, was passing a handgun to a potential buyer when the gun discharged. The dealer did not realize there was a bullet still in the chamber of the gun. The dealer's teenage son was shot in the leg.
Police check guns at the door of the event to make sure they are unloaded and properly marked, but they do not check guns sold by vendors.
It should be noted that the handgun in question was from the dealer's private, personally owned collection. This means there would be no criminal background check run on the buyer.
Ohh shoot.

Man practicing military-type drills in his home unintentionally shoots wife

A Colorado Springs man who was practicing military-type drills in his bathroom with a rifle unintentionally fired a round that hit his wife. The bullet traveled through two walls, a mirror, and two closet doors before fragments hit his wife who was in a room at the opposite side of the house.
The woman was treated for minor injuries at the local hospital. The man was arrested on a charge of reckless endangerment.
Ohh shoot.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Man at stores's indoor firing range unintentionally shoots nearby shopper

A 52-year-old man at Bass Pro Shop in California was placing six guns on the counter, getting ready to use the store's indoor firing range. He noticed the hammer on one of the guns was pulled back so he pulled the trigger of the .45-caliber handgun. The magazine had been removed and he thought the gun was unloaded. But a bullet left in the chamber fired and struck a woman who was shopping in the store.
The woman was hit in the buttocks and taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.
Ohh shoot.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Father buys gun for 10-year-old son who shows interest in firearms, then unintentionally shoots him

51-year-old Allen V. of Moline, Illinois bought a .22-caliber rifle for his ten year old son, after he showed an interest in firearms. Allen was trying to show the boy how the rifle worked, but didn't realize the gun was still loaded. Allen told local television news, "I started swinging the gun around, and I didn't realize there was still one round in it, the darn thing, went off. The bullet went underneath the skin near his eye, and followed the scalp, and came out behind the ear."
Fortunately, the boy was not seriously hurt. After getting stitches to close the wound he went back home to his mother, who is divorced from Allen.
Ohh shoot.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unintentional shot from back seat passenger injures the two people sitting in front seat

21-year-old Trenton G. of Central, South Carolina was sitting in the back seat of a car, fiddling with a .38-caliber handgun. The gun discharged, injuring both people sitting in the front seat of the car. The bullet first struck the man in the passenger seat in the left arm, ricocheted off the windshield and stuck the driver in the arm. Fortunately, the wounds were not serious.
Trenton was charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol.
Ohh shoot.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stray bullet goes through second story window, injures woman working in bank office

A woman was working at her desk in a downtown St. Louis, Missouri office building when she heard a loud boom. A bullet had come through the window in her cubicle. The shooting happened a block away when two suspects fired several shots at a 16-year-old boy. The stray bullet went through a second story window, hit off the ceiling, ricocheted off the wall and struck the woman as she sat working at her desk. She was also hit by shards of glass. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt.
Police are trying to calm concerns about downtown safety.
Ohh shoot.

Man buys handgun on Saturday, unintentionally shoots and kills self on Monday

A 21-year-old Ohio man died after shooting himself in the head with a gun he had just purchased days before. Witnesses reported the man was playing with the gun, putting the safety on and off, and pointing the gun at them and then himself. He was laughing when he put the gun to his head and the gun went off. Witnesses said he most likely believed the gun's safety was on when he pulled the trigger.
Ohh shoot.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teen stuffs gun in pants, shoots self in genitals

A 17-year-old Indiana teen took a .38-caliber handgun from his father's room. He thought the gun was unloaded. He stuffed the gun in his pants and while sitting in a chair in his living room the gun unintentionally fired. The boy was struck in the leg and the genitals. He was transported to a nearby hospital.
Ohh shoot.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three unintentional shootings in Kentucky just days apart, two dead

A 15-year-old boy and some of his friends were looking at a gun in a home in Mortons Gap, Kentucky. One of the friends unintentionally discharged the gun shooting the boy in the face. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
18-year-old Sarah N. was sitting on a front porch with friends in Wheatcroft, Kentucky. They were "looking at a firearm" when the gun went off, hitting Sarah in the neck. The friends told police they didn't realize the gun was loaded. Sarah was pronounced dead at the scene.
Two juveniles in Daviess County, Kentucky were firing a shotgun at targets. A stray shot crossed the road and struck a man in a church parking lot. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Sheriff's office is investigating to determine what if any charges apply.
Ohh shoot.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The tale of two gun ranges

William H., a 70-year-old California man, entered a skeet shooting tournament at a gun range outside of Modesto. One of the men in his group unintentionally discharged his gun. The shotgun blast hit William. William was transported to a local hospital where he died.
Police are still investigating how the fatal shot was fired.

Mark H., a 49-year-old Michigan man, was driving home from work when he heard a noise and felt something strike his leg. A rifle bullet had pierced the passenger door of his car and struck him in the right thigh. Police investigating the incident believe the bullet had been fired by a rifle from a nearby gun range.
Ohh shoot.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Woman cleaning garage unintentionally fires stored gun, kills herself

An Alabama woman was cleaning up her garage. She was trying to untangle an electrical extension cord that had been wrapped around a camping tent. A small caliber handgun had been placed inside the tent some time ago. While trying to untangle the cord the gun unexpectedly discharged. The woman was shot in the head and died at Huntsville Hospital.
Ohh shoot.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Woman wounded in unintentional shooting sues shooter and his parents

Shannon L., a New Hampshire woman who was shot in the abdomen at close range has filed a lawsuit against the shooter and his parents. The lawsuit alleges that the parents of the 38-year-old man, who lives with his parents, were aware their son had access to firearms even though he might not have been mentally stable.
After the March 2010 incident, the man told police the shooting was an accident. He was sitting on a couch with a pillow covering the .45-caliber handgun in his lap when he pulled the trigger, striking Shannon who was standing less than 5 feet away.
Shannon, who has no medical insurance, suffered "severe and traumatic gunshot injuries" that affected her abdominal and pelvic regions, colon, bladder and rectum. She has endured multiple hospital stays and surgeries and has needed catheters, which caused multiple infections.
Ohh shoot.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Father teaching 7-year-old to shoot has tragic outcome

An Ohio man was teaching his 7-year=old son how to shoot a .22-caliber rifle. The father and son were in their backyard. The father was leaning over to talk to the boy. The boy was holding the rifle, barrel up. The boy unintentionally pulled the trigger. A single bullet struck the father in the head. He died at the scene.
The coroner has ruled the death an accidental homicide.
Ohh shoot.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Man who had gun at work unintentionally shoots self.

A South Carolina man working at the local Veterans Affairs office unintentionally shot himself in the hand and the leg while trying to unload a revolver he had with him in his office.
This was the man's private handgun as his job at the VA does not require him to carry a weapon. It is not against the law to carry a weapon on VA property. Fortunately, none of his co-workers were shot when the gun was fired.
The man was taken to a regional hospital where he was listed in fair condition.
Ohh shoot.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maine man has a terrible, horrible, no good day

A 26-year-old man from Bangor, Maine stole a handgun from a truck in Island Falls. He then fled the scene with his two companions, ages 22 and 19. The trio crashed the vehicle they were fleeing in. They then fled on foot. As they were fleeing the stolen handgun discharged, wounding the Bangor man in the leg.
All three men have been arrested and charged with felony theft. The Bangor man remains in the hospital in stable condition.
Ohh shoot.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gun show vendor failed to check if gun was unloaded.......

A vendor at a gun show in Orlando, Florida noticed one of the guns on his table, a Colt .45 semi-automatic handgun, had the hammer cocked back. Without looking first to see if the gun was unloaded, he picked up the gun, aimed it towards the floor, and pulled the trigger. The gun fired.
The bullet hit the concrete floor and sent shards into two nearby vendors. One man was wounded in the top of this foot and the other suffered an injury to his left shin. Both men were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Ohh shoot.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Father pleads guilty in accidental death of son

A Pennsylvania man has plead guilt to charges of involuntary manslaughter, flight to avoid prosecution and endangering the welfare of children in the shooting death of his 9-year-old son. According to prosecutors, twin brothers Christian and Stephen were playing with their father's hunting rifle when Stephen unintentionally shot and killed his brother.
At the sentencing the District Attorney said the father's behavior was part of a continuing course of conduct in which the boys were permitted to play with a number of dangerous weapons, including guns, knives, swords and hatchets.
"It needs to be made clear that this wasn't just a bad incident on one day, but a series of bad parental decisions and bad judgments that ultimately had a very terrible conclusion."
Ohh shoot.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He was afraid of crime in the neighborhood and wanted his wife to become familiar with a gun......

A Michigan man was concerned that crime was increasing in his neighborhood. He was getting ready to show his wife how to work a handgun. As he was unloading the gun he unintentionally fired it, shooting his wife in the leg. She was taken to the hospital with a "non-life-threatening injury."
Family members said the man had kept guns in his home for many years for protection. But this was the first time he had shot anyone.
Ohh shoot.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Man calls sheriff to report that he accidentally shot his daughter

An 11-year-old North Carolina girl was killed in an unintentional gun shooting at her father's home.
Her father was apparently unloading his 20-gauge shotgun when it fired, striking the girl at close range. Emergency crews pronounced the girl dead on the scene.
The girl's 12-year-old sister was present in the room at the time of the shooting. She and her sister had just arrived at their father's home in North Carolina the day before. The girls live in Tennessee with their mother and stepfather.
Ohh shoot.