Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Man unintentionally shoots and kills brother with newly purchased handgun

41-year-old George Enriquez, of Antioch, California, brought his newly purchased handgun over to his brother's home to show off the gun. While the brothers were looking at the gun George unintentionally discharged the weapon and shot his younger brother Michael. Michael died at the scene.
According to police, George was pointing the handgun at his brother when he tried to remove the slide, which on this particular gun required you to pull the trigger. Bu the gun was loaded and when the trigger was pulled the gun fired.
Even though police agree that this was an unintentional shooting, they are moving forward with a criminal case.
"Mr. Enriquez had a lot of knowledge about firearms and knew better," said police. "It's a terrible tragedy, but it's a manslaughter from our standpoint."

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DaveL said...

Good to see someone actually being held responsible for firearm-related negligeance.