Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dog shoots duck hunter in the buttocks

46-year-old Robert Cottingham of Brigham City, Utah was duck hunting with his friend. The two were sitting in a boat while a hunting dog jumped in and out of the boat, retrieving birds. As the dog climbed back into the boat his paw caught the trigger of a 12-gauge shotgun, unintentionally discharging the gun. The pellets hit Cottingham in the buttocks.
He was taken to the local hospital where 27 pellets were removed.
Ohh shoot.

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Unknown said...

This one was funny as well as dangerous. I know we should not be behaving like that but then its human reaction I believe. This is simply carelessness as having such a dangerous thing needs extra care and caution as it can kill too. It is mere chance that he is alive or else he would have been a dead person.
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