Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Man unintentionally shoots co-worker while showing off handgun

21-year-old Byron Bigelow of Bridgeport, Connecticut, brought a .40-caliber handgun to work at a Fairfield motorcycle repair shop. While he was showing the gun to a coworker another employee walked into the room and told Bigelow to put the gun away. According to police, the man had just warned Bigelow to be careful when Bigelow unintentionally discharged the weapon, striking the man in the chest and right arm.
Bigelow drove the victim to the hospital where he underwent surgery. He was listed in stable condition.
Bigelow told police he had found the gun near where he lives. The gun was reported lost in March 2010. Bigelow was charged with assault and illegal possession of a handgun.
"We're just thankful the victim survived," said a police spokesperson. "This is a clear reminder how dangerous guns are."
Ohh shoot.

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