Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off-duty police officer unintentionally discharges handgun inside Milwaukee mall

An unidentified off-duty police officer was shopping at the Southridge Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon. As he reached into his pocket looking for money to make a purchase he knocked a handgun that he had stuck in his waistband. Ultimately, he lost control of the weapon and it discharged. The bullet hit the marble floor and shattered. No one was injured.
As local newsradio WTMJ points out "the incident is also raising questions about the new concealed carry law." One shopper commented, "If you've got a police officer who can't handle it, and you put all these people with concealed carry and weapons in their pockets can you imagine the danger and the safety issues that are going to come about through this."
The mall manager says the no concealed weapons are allowed in Southridge Mall, even after the recent change in Wisconsin law.
Police are investigating the incident and report that the officer in question is getting "a review of proper safety protocol."
Ohh shoot.

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