Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mother talks of double grief after son unintentionally shoots and kills daughter

Olivia Pruitt, of Birmingham, Alabama, received a call at work saying her 18-year-old daughter Malehia had been shot. When Olivia arrived home she found multiple police cars outside her house. "Everyone was screaming," she said. Olivia soon learned that her daughter was dead and her 20-year-old son had been handcuffed and taken into custody.
"I saw my son in the back of the police car," Olivia said. "He was crying and banging on the window, 'I'm sorry Mom.' He could only scream."
Police have yet to charge the unidentified youth, but witnesses say the shooting was unintended. "I know it was an accident because I know how they feel about each other," Olivia said. She said her son went on a rampage after the shooting. "My other son and his girlfriend got there, and he was on the floor rolling around and banging his fists. He flipped the table and put holes in the walls."
Malehia was a senior at Huffman High School. She was in the government club and was an honor roll student.
"I'm having all kinds of feelings because I lost my daughter, my baby won't be with me," said Olivia. "But also for my son. He is alone, and I can't see him."

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