Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Father unintentionally shoots son at indoor shooting range

An unidentified Taylosville, Utah man was with his 16-year-old son at Doug's Shoot 'n Sports indoor shooting range. The father was trying to put a loaded handgun away in a case. According to the store manager, "As he was securing the gun in his case, he attached the strap around the hand and the gun went off."
The bullet hit the teen's pinkie and then struck his abdomen. The teen is expected to make a full recovery.
"The guy learned an easy lesson the hard way," said the manager. "He became, I believe, a little complacent or a little mistaken in his practices, and his gun accidentally went off and hit his son."
The man called his wife on the phone and apologized profusely, he also called his son in the hospital and apologized. Police say the shooting was accidental and don't plan to file any charges.

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