Monday, November 14, 2011

Man unintentionally shoots himself in front of his children, dies from injuries.

An unidentified 45-year-old Spotsylvania County, Virginia man was sitting in his minivan with his children waiting for his wife to return a DVD to the local Giant Food Store. The wife hear a pop and ran back to the minivan where her husband told her he thought he'd shot himself. By the time emergency personnel arrived on the scene the man had lost a significant amount of blood and was already unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the local hospital.
The initial police investigation indicated that when the man tried to unbuckle his seat belt he hit the trigger of his .40-caliber Glock handgun and unintentionally shot himself in the hip. It is not clear if the gun was in his pocket or in a holster.
Reports do not indicate the ages of the children who were in the minivan when their father shot himself.

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Baldr Odinson said...

I think it's safe to assume yet another gun failed to preserve the life of its owner.

As for the kids, it's incredibly sad. Future gun control advocates.