Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Woman films her own unintentional shooting

Shelly Molchak, of Chardon Township, Ohio, was filming a volatile confrontation between her husband, Tony Molchak, and the boyfriend of Tony's ex-wife, Gary Schussler. The two were arguing over child visitations when a fight broke out.

Schussler pulled a handgun from a holster on his back. He dropped the gun during a scuffle and when Molchak picked up the gun he unintentionally discharged the weapon, shooting his wife in the back. The bullet also caused her lung to collapse. She was taken to a hospital in Cleveland for treatment.

Schussler was arrested and charged with second-degree felony assault and first-degree misdemeanor using a weapon while intoxicated. Molchak was arrested and charged with first-degree misdemeanor assault and third-degree negligent assault.

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