Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Newlywed killed when duck hunting buddy stumbles with gun

23-year-old Adam Poole, of Nevis, Minnesota was duck hunting with his friend in a 14-foot flat-bottom aluminum boat. According to reports:
"They both stood up in the boat in an effort to shoot a duck. The hunting partner lost his balance, and the shotgun he was carrying discharged. Poole was struck in the head and died from his injuries."
Poole died at the scene. Authorities are treating his death strictly as an accident and do not expect to file charges.

The education coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources warned "anytime you are on the water, it's going to be unstable. The main thing is to keep in mind is zones of fire because you are in a confined space."

Poole, an avid duck hunter, wore a hunting camouflage tuxedo vest when he got married last month.

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