Monday, October 14, 2013

Mother watching 11-year-old son's soccer game shot in the leg

43-year-old Melissa Jaramillo, of Gainesville, Virginia, was sitting with her daughter and husband watching her 11-year-old son's soccer game at a park in Manassas about 5pm on Sunday when she felt a stabbing pain in her upper thigh.

She told a reporter, "All of a sudden I felt a sting on my leg. It was very sore and my leg was a little numb and it was bleeding a little bit and then I realized something had happened - it wasn't a bug bit, it wasn't somebody had slapped me. Something had happened."

X-rays at the hospital showed that Melissa had been hit with a small caliber bullet, possibly a .22 caliber round. Doctors have decided the best course of treatment for now is to leave the bullet in her leg.

No one at the game heard a gunshot and police have no suspects.

Melissa said the mystery of the case made it even more worrying. "It's a concern for the safety of everyone that's out there," she said.

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