Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 kids hurt after child pulls trigger on police AR-15 at elementary school event

China, California police were at a local elementary school during an anti-drug event when one of the students walked over to a police motorcycle with an AR-15 rifle latched to it. According to reports, the police were playing ball with the kids and not watching the motorcycle.

The child pulled the trigger on the rifle and discharged the weapon. The child was startled and ran into a nearby field.

Three students were injured. One student was treated for scrapes and cuts at the school and two were taken to the hospital with lacerations due to being struck by bullet fragments.

"They came to the school to say no to drugs," said an 8-year-old boy who witnessed the incident. "And then the bullet happened and it got shot. I saw the kid running to the grass, crying."

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Mr. 618 said...

Well, you know what the gun nuts say: "the best way to stop a bad cop with a gun is a good elementray school kid with a gun." Or something.

One would HOPE that the frickin COPS would know enough to... I don't know... KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR FREAKIN GUNS?!?