Friday, October 11, 2013

"I woke up and I had a bullet in my chest"

14-year-old Jordan Miller, of Vancouver, Washington was visiting his father in Portland, Oregon. He was sleeping on the floor of his father's apartment when a bullet came through the window, hit a chair, and then hit Jordan.

According to his brother, "We are all sleeping and heard about five loud bangs. We all jumped and woke up. My brother started screaming. Me and my dad couldn't figure out why he was screaming."

Jordan told a reporter, "I woke up and I had a bullet in my chest. I pulled the collar of my shirt down. There was a black hole in my chest with blood coming down. The bullet stuck between a major artery and some nerves that make my arm work. If they dig around trying to get the bullet out, it could immobilize my arm."

Police say Jordan was not the target of the shooting but was hit by stray gunfire during a gang shootout.

Jordan was treated in the local hospital and is now back home with his mother in Washington.

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