Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Man shot while driving on highway by stray bullet from teen's target practice

35-year-old Mark Vanderweide, of Olathe, Kansas was driving with his family along Interstate 35. According to reports Vanderweide said, "I had the wife and three kiddos in the back seat and heard an unsuspecting pop and then there was pain and blood."

The bullet that struck Vanderweide had pierced their 2007 Dodge Caravan as the family drove south on I-35 near the Edgerton Road exit.

The bullet hit Vanderweide in the right let. It hit a main artery and doctors had to take a vein from his left leg to repair the right. How much feeling he will regain is unknown. Vanderweide has months of recovery ahead.

The sheriff's department has determined that a teen target practicing is to blame for the shooting. Their investigation revealed the teen was shooting on a relative's property using a pond dam for a back-stop.

The case has been referred to the County Attorney's office for review.

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