Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It was the first time he ever handled a gun and he unintentionally shot & killed someone

21-year-old Benjamin Brown was visiting with friends in the basement of a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brown told police he found a handgun under the couch cushion he was sitting on and when he tried to set it on a table, he fumbled the weapon.

When he tried to catch the gun he unintentionally discharged the weapon. He then ran to his vehicle and hid the handgun underneath a seat.

The bullet struck 20-year-old Logan Treguier in the chest. Treguier died at the scene.

Brown told police he had never handled a gun before, that he had no firearm training and he had never shot a gun before the tragic shooting.

Brown was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.


Tom Betz said...

I note that a) the Gazette has turned off comments for this story, and b) no mention is made of who might have put the loaded pistol under the couch cushion.

That's who needs to be prosecuted, and probably won't be.

DaveL said...

That's assuming he did, in fact, find it under a couch cushion. It seems to me running off and hiding a gun that wasn't his in his own vehicle isn't the kind of thing you'd expect in the case of an accident.

Anonymous said...

There was no gun under the cushion.