Friday, September 27, 2013

Man killed by secondhand gunfire

28-year-old Jonathan Gardner, of Columbus, Ohio was killed when a bullet came through the wall of his apartment and shot him in the chest.

Gardner was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries.

Police determined that an individual in the neighboring apartment unintentionally discharged a handgun and the bullet went through a wall, striking Gardner. The person has not been charged yet, but the Franklin County prosecutor is looking into the case.

A neighbor told reporters the shooting has put life in perspective for him. "It's made me realize, you know, he was only 28, he still had a full life ahead of him. Imagine all the things he could have done during his life that got cut short, just because this guy decided he was going to be negligent with a gun. It's made me realize life's too short to throw things away."

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Unknown said...

These killings must be condemned and necessary actions must be taken so that the cases of killings and massacres may be avoided. Law and order must be enforced properly to make things really good and safe for you and all. People with guns should be careful that they must only be used to safeguard everyone and all, not for killing others.
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