Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Man killed when neighbor unintentionally discharges shotgun

38-year-old Rene O'Quin was in his bed in his Harvey, Louisiana apartment when his next door neighbor unintentionally discharged a shotgun.

According to police reports, O'Quinn's fiancee found him in a pool of blood, dead in his bed. At first police thought it was a self-inflicted wound but then they noticed a bullet hole in the wall near the bed.

O'Quinn's neighbor, 23-year-old Pierre Camese had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend. Fearing that this girlfriend's relatives would retaliate against him, Camese borrowed a 12-gauge shotgun from a friend and put it on his bed with the barrel pointed at the wall.

As Camese pulled up the covers on his bed, he unintentionally discharged the gun, firing a bullet that pierced the wall between his and O'Quinn's apartments. Camese told investigators he didn't know anyone had been shot.

Camese was arrested and charged with negligent homicide and domestic abuse battery.

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