Thursday, September 12, 2013

3-year-old finds handgun, shoots 2-year-old

Tosha Beaver, of Clarendon County, South Carolina said her 2-year-old son "has come a long way" since being unintentionally shot by his 3-year-old relative.

According to reports, the two boys were visiting with their 23-year-old aunt. They were returning from a walk and ran in the house ahead of her. "Shortly after that, she heard a gunshot."

The report stated the aunt and her husband ran into the house and saw the 3-year-old with a handgun and the 2-year-old lying on the floor. The boy had been shot through both legs.

"He's recovering very fast," said the boy's father. Doctors hope he will be able to leave the hospital and go home in a few more days.

The aunt told deputies the gun is always kept in a cabinet and she did not know how the child managed to get the weapon.

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