Monday, May 26, 2014

Teen unintentionally shot and killed on father-son fishing trip

15-year-old Briar Newsome, of Carlton, Georgia was on a fishing trip with his father, Terry.  As Briar and his father were putting their boat in the river a rifle in the boat was unintentionally discharged, shooting Briar. Briar was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to police, they had the rifle along in case they saw a wild hog. The police spokesperson added that the father was devastated and the incident is being treated as an accident.

According to Briar's obituary, he was in the ninth grade and "loved hunting and fishing with his dad as well as football and wrestling."


hmscollingwood said...

Another fine example of what the NRA calls 'teaching our children gun safety'. Always these stupid killings are described as 'accidents' by police and coroners, yet arms manufacturers insist that their products are 'safe'.

'Culpable manslaughter', in my view.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a loaded shotgun lying around is just asking for someone to be killed.

Odds of being killed by a wild hog vs killed by a gun? IDK, but I am sure the hog is less likely.