Thursday, May 29, 2014

6-year-old shoots and kills grandfather with unattended assault rifle

Juan Martinez, Sr. was having a barbecue with his son and other family and friends at their home in Homestead, Florida. At some point, Martinez' son, 28-year-old Juan Jr., brought out his assault rifle to show his friend.

According to reports, while outside, Martinez, Jr. removed the magazine, looked inside, and reinserted it into the magazine well. His friend did not wish to touch the rifle, so Martinez handed the rifle to his father, Martinez, Sr. The father placed the gun on a table near the barbecue. The rifle was left unattended.

Martinez, Sr.'s 6-year-old grandson walked over to the table and pulled the trigger of the weapon. The gun fired, shooting Martinez, Sr. in the chest.

"I held him," said Martinez, Jr. "I watched him bleed out. He was breathing very heavy. Then, when the cops got here, they restrained me."

Martinez, Sr. was airlifted to the hospital but died of his injuries.

Martinez, Jr. was arrested and faces charges of culpable negligence of a firearm with easy access to a minor.

According to police, there were people drinking and doing drugs at the home. "Investigators informed us there was alcohol involved. Not only alcohol. We also had drugs. We had cocaine," said a Miami-Dade police detective.


hmscollingwood said...

"Hoisted by your own petard," as the French would say.

This is a nominee for the Darwin Award of the Year.

Unknown said...

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