Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alcohol a factor in unintentional death of 25-year-old

The sheriff's office has confirmed reports that alcohol was involved in the unintentional shooting death of 25-year-old Ivan Dolley of Harleton, Texas.

A group of friends were shooting at beer cans Sunday night when someone handed a shotgun barrel first to Ivan. The gun was unintentionally discharged and Ivan was shot in the abdomen. He was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries.

A local gun shop worker said the incident highlights the issue of gun safety. He said guns are "like a snake and the muzzle is the head and the head will bite you."

The sheriff continues to investigate the incident.


Mr. 618 said...

And the snake handlers at the NRA do their speaking in tongues bit to try to convince us that guns are safe and that everyone should have one, regardless of race (except for the blacks, of course), religion, placement on the terrorist watch list (yes, the NRA says terrorists should be allowed to carry), mental illness, alcoholism, inbreeding, or overall stupidity.

Yet these are the same yahoos who don't not allow concealed weapons in their offices or conventions, citing "safety and security concerns."

hmscollingwood said...

And they lubricate their guns, along with their firearms with 'snake oil'.

Personally, I think the NRA is a lot more dangerous than any snake. They give us a bad name.


Robby the Rattler.