Friday, May 9, 2014

3-year-old shoots himself with gun his mother bought for protection

3-year-old Kevin Donald, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was playing in his mother's car when he found a loaded, unlocked gun in the glove compartment.  He began playing with the gun and discharged the weapon, shooting himself in the head.  He was rushed to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. According to reports, doctors are waiting for the swelling of his head to go down before doing surgery.

Donald's mother said she kept the gun in the car for protection.  She didn't keep the gun in the house on purpose, thinking it was safer in the car.  "This is the ghetto," said Kevin's aunt. "Anywhere you go there's someone trying to take something from you."

Kevin's aunt speculates the boy thought the gun was a toy. "He was curious. He probably thought it was a toy.  It was a little gun.  It didn't have a safety."  She added that Kevin's mother is a responsible gun owner and says what happened is a tragedy and something that was unexpected. "She has her license [to carry a loaded gun in public]," the aunt said. "She didn't just buy the gun. It's not a new guns. This was never meant to happen."

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hmscollingwood said...

Once again here we have Americans exercising their constitutional rights, which are infinitely more important than the lives of their own children, natch.

People like this are unfortunately not stupid enough to stop themselves having children.