Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U of Montana student unintentionally shoots, injures another student

20-year-old Michael Ream, a student at the University of Montana in Missoula, was showing off his brand-new 20-gauge shotgun when he unintentionally discharged the firearm, striking his 19-year-old friend in the hand. The wound was not serious and the friend was treated at the local hospital and released. Ream was charged with misdemeanor negligent endangerment.
The incident happened in a parking lot on the campus on the first day of fall semester classes. University of Montana allows students to bring weapons on campus only if they are locked in a private vehicle or stored in one of the gun closets in a residence hall. Concealed weapons are not allowed on campus, even if you have a concealed weapons permit.
A university spokesperson said that as hunting season approaches more students bring weapons on campus. But he can only recall three or four times when firearms were discovered in a student's dorm room. "Sometimes I think they're somewhat forgetful about checking it in," he said. Adding that the concern was not so much about the gun owner but about other people, like roommates, having access to these guns.
Ohh shoot.

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