Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woman files lawsuit over unintentional shooting at gun range

Nan Bassett, of Salt Lake City, Utah, has filed a lawsuit against the Sun Valley Gun Club, Idaho "alleging that improper instruction at the gun club contributed to a shooting accident there last summer." Bassett was in Sun Valley for a convention when she went to the gun club to try trap shooting. She told the club she had never shot a gun before and was told she would receive instruction.
According to the complain, "The instructor gave a brief demonstration of how to load and shoot the gun and each participant took turns shooting at the targets. At no time did the instructor give specific details and/or safety precautions related to loading the gun. On one occasion when it was Ms. Bassett's turn to shoot, the instructor was not next to her. He was sitting a short ways back going paperwork, but yelled to Ms. Bassett to go ahead and take her turn. Ms. Bassett went to load the gun, heard a loud shot and looked down to see blood running down her leg."
Bassett was hit by spraying shrapnel and gravel. She was taken to the hospital, treated and released. The suit asks for unspecified damages.
Ohh shoot.


P Smith said...

The stupid cow deserves nothing but laughter.

How dumb does someone have to be to have a finger on the trigger of a loaded weapon when not aiming at a legit target?

DaveL said...

The woman appears to be a personal injury lawyer herself. Take from that what you will