Thursday, September 1, 2011

Man lies to police about unintentional shooting, says burglar shot him

A Brandon, Mississippi man, identified only as Damien, was cleaning his .223 rifle when he unintentionally discharged the firearm, wounding himself in the shoulder. He ran outside and started shouting, "I've been shot." When police arrived he told them a burglar who was breaking into his home shot him.
"Supposedly, a guy busted in Damien's house with a black mask because Damien was selling some guns on Craigslist," said a neighbor. "The guy just busted the door, shot him and then ran off." The neighbor added, "I got my gun out, and it's sitting by the door - just in case something else happens, if they come looking for Damien again."
But after police transported Damien to the local hospital and began investigating the incident they quickly determined that things didn't add up. After more questioning, Damien admitted that it was an accidental shooting and that he shot himself. The injuries are not considered life-threatening and Damien might face charges of falsifying a report.
Ohh shoot.

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DaveL said...

Ok, now how in the hell does somebody *accidentally* shoot themselves in the *shoulder* with a rifle while cleaning it? On the face of it one can no more clean a rifle without realizing it was loaded than you can take a shower without realizing you're still clothed. "Accidentally shot while cleaning" seems to be the go-to catchall excuse for when someone does something stupid with a weapon.