Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie prop gun turns out to be real gun, actor unintentionally shot

21-year-old Tracci King, of Toledo, Ohio, and his friends were making an amateur action film. It was a shoot-'em-up film where the actors were wielding realistic looking toy guns. During a break in the filming they put the guns on a table. One of the friends, who has a concealed weapons permit allowing him to carry a loaded, hidden gun in public, laid his loaded, .45-caliber handgun down on the table along with the toy guns. Randy Schimmel picked up the gun, thinking it was one of the toy guns. He pulled the trigger. The gun fired, shooting Tracci in the leg as he sat on a couch across the room. Tracci was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police have classified the incident as an accidental shooting and no arrests have been made, although the investigation continues.
Ohh shoot.

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