Monday, April 7, 2014

Lawmaker who sponsored "2nd Amendment Day" bill in Oklahoma unintentionally shoots someone while bird hunting

55-year-old Steve Vaughan is the Republican state representative from Ponca City, Oklahoma.  He is a conservative lawmaker who has sponsored a number of gun bills, including a 2011 bill to expand Stand Your Ground/Shoot First and a bill to create an official annual "Second Amendment Day" in Oklahoma.

Recently, he was pheasant hunting when he shot another hunter in the side of the head with a shotgun pellet from his 12-gauge shotgun.  Vaughan stated, "A bird got up and flew between us, oh probably 50 yards away.  I shot at the bird, and , I guess, one of my pellets hit this guy.... I'm a safety guy. I was so mad at myself for even thinking about shooting the bird in this direction where I knew he was down in there."

The victim, Drew Ihrig, who is a local attorney, said he has no ill will towards Vaughan. "This was a pure accident," he said.

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