Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dad who fired shot into air, unintentionally killing daughter, sentenced to jail

34-year-old Deandre Kelley, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was drunk when he showed up at the home of his longtime girlfriend on a January night.  Kelley and his girlfriend, Kristina Lanza, started arguing and Kelley pulled out a gun and fired two shots into the air.

One of the bullets hit their daughter, 11-year-old Shanti, who was hiding in  an upstairs bedroom.

Kelley did not realize the girl had been shot and left the home.  Emergency services were called to the house around 3 am when Shanti was found bleeding in the bedroom.  She had been shot in the chest and died of her injuries.

Kelley pleaded guilty to once count of reckless homicide.  He was sentenced to six years in prison.


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