Monday, April 21, 2014

13-year-old hit in head by stray bullet while waiting for a bus

13-year-old Gama Droiville, of Brooklyn, New York, was with his aunt and 8-year-old cousin, waiting for a bus, when a gunfight broke out near them.  Gama was hit twice in the head by stray bullets.  One of the bullets pierced his eye, the other hit behind one of his ears.

Gama was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he is listed in serious but stable condition.  Doctors don't think there is much chance of saving his eye.  Gama was in surgery for four hours to remove the bullet and try to save his eye.  The doctors have told his family if his eye hasn't improved in a week, they will have to remove it.

A 24-year-old man who police believe was the intended target was hit once in the leg.  He was able to walk to the hospital.  The shooter was caught on a security camera running down the street with the gun in his hand, firing shots.

Police have not yet made an arrest.

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