Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Man selling gun in private sale unintentionally shoots himself

35-year-old Clinton Scott, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida was selling a handgun in a private sale. He had arranged to meet the buyer in a parking lot off Racetrack Road. Scott took the gun out of the trunk of his car and placed it on the hood of the car.

When Scott picked up the gun again, he unintentionally discharged the weapon, shooting himself in the abdomen. Scott had to be taken by medical helicopter to Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment.  He is listed in fair condition.

Police are still investigating the incident.  It is legal under Florida state law to meet a stranger in a parking lot and sell them a gun with no criminal background check run and no records kept. 

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Mr. 618 said...

But you CAN'T infringe the Second Amendment right to arm whoever wants to be armed. After all, the NRA even wants folks on the the DHS terror watch lists to have unfettered access to firearms. Apparently, the best cure for a drunk redneck hillbilly with a gun is a dusky-skinned 'terrist' with a gun.