Thursday, January 2, 2014

Husband showing friends how to clean gun unintentionally shoots his wife

60-year-old General Holiefield, of Harrison Township, Michigan and several other couples had gone to the shooting range in Roseville earlier in the day.  According to police:

"They were sitting around the kitchen table and Holiefield was cleaning his gun. It's a .45 caliber Desert Eagle semi-automatic handgun. While he was sitting at the kitchen table, he was showing the other persons in attendance how to clean the gun. At one point, he was trying to clear the gun, make sure the gun was clear of all ammunition, and it in fact had a round in it. He pulled the trigger, the gun discharged and a single round went across the room and struck his wife in the abdomen. She had a through-and-through gunshot wound through her abdomen, her mid-section. The round then went through her and into the window blinds behind her."

The victim, 50-year-old Monica Morgan, was rushed to the hospital for surgery. She is in serious condition but is expected to survive.

Police are investigating the incident. The matter will go to the prosecutor's office for consideration of charges. Holiefield is currently the UAW Vice President

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Unknown said...

This accident shows the lack of knowledge about handling guns. You must know how to handle gun if you don't want to shoot or get shot unintentionally.

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