Friday, December 13, 2013

Homeowner struck by stray bullet from shooting range awarded more than $1 million

Mike Domin was working on a backhoe in his backyard in Gargland, Texas, in 2010 when he felt something strike his back. Mike had been struck by a stray bullet. He was rushed to the hospital and spent six days in intensive care.

He sued the owner of Garland Public Shooting Range for negligence. Mike's home was about a mile away from the range, but in the direct line from the firing line.

The owner of the range, James Day, denied liability. He said the bullet probably came from people who were shooting in a landfill near by.

Police and a ballistics expert testified at the trial that they believe the bullet came from the range. Also testifying was a consultant for the local power company who told the jury there was a history of bullets leaving the range. He said he met with the range back in 2000 and again in 2002 about power lines and conductors that had been hit and about damage done by people shooting up in the air. Also, in 2012 two homes in the area were hit by bullets in a two hour span.

The jury took only a few hours to deliver its decision - they found Day and the shooting range negligent, and awarded Mike money for his pain and suffering, medical bills and anguish. He was awarded more than $1 million, including money necessary for treatment for bullet fragments which remain lodged in his chest.

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