Monday, September 5, 2011

Woman unintentionally discharges handgun outside Safeway supermarket

A 39-year-old woman unintentionally discharged a handgun outside of a Safeway supermarket in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The .38-caliber handgun inside her backpack discharged when she adjusted her backpack. According to police the gun was not secured in a holster. The bullet struck a column in the front of the store and no one was hurt. The woman was charged with suspicion of criminal damage and disorderly conduct with a weapon.
Arizona does not require any sort of permit or safety training before an individual can carry a loaded, hidden gun in public.
Ohh shoot.

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Anonymous said...

This lady is an idiot for not having it in a holster. Ohh shoot you're an idiot too for making it sound like everyone who owns a firearm does stupid things like this. You can whine all you want but private firearm ownership will not go away.