Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man cleaning handgun unintentionally shoots and kills 3-year-old nephew

3-year-old Kvonta Dodd of Greenville County, South Carolina died during surgery at the Greenville Hospital. Kvonta's uncle (who has not been identified by police) told police he was cleaning his small caliber handgun and while he was unloading the gun it unintentionally discharged. The bullet struck Kvonta in the upper body. The boy was not breathing when police arrived arrived 8:30 Wednesday morning but a deputy was able to resuscitate Kvonta. He was transported to the hospital where his condition was briefly updated before he entered surgery.
The uncle was taken to the law enforcement center to be interviewed but no charges have been filed. According to a police statement: "It has been determined that the incident does appear to be accidental but the Sheriff's Office continues the investigation."
Ohh shoot.

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Jessica Nicol said...

First I want to say I miss you Chuckie!! I'll be with you again... But to whomever wrote this sh*t, please get the story correct. He was NOT cleaning the gun, he was unloading it. I'm so tired of ppl asking me why was he cleaning it. He wasn't!