Monday, May 23, 2011

2-year-old finds gun in console of family car, shoots and kills herself

2-year-old Addison Tussey, of Sandy Hook, Kentucky, was out to dinner with her family at a restaurant in Ashland. Her mother, Brandy, took Addison and another child out to the car while her father, Gary, stayed to pay the bill.
As Brandy was putting the infant in the car seat Addison was playing in the front seat where she found a small caliber handgun in the center console. The mother reported she heard a 'pop' and looked to see Addison slumped over the passenger seat. Addison had fired the gun, shooting herself in the left cheek. She was rushed to a trauma center in Huntington but died of her injuries.
Police say the gun had been put in the console "on a previous occasion." They are continuing to investigate this "tragic accident."
Too sad.

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Baldr Odinson said...

Oh, that's just pitiful! So sad!

Guns and kids don't mix. If there is the potential of kids around, the family shouldn't own guns. -- Period!