Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boy sits on rifle, rifle discharges, kills sister

64-year-old Claude Hawkins, of Jackson, Mississippi had taken his two young grandchildren to look at horses. When they returned to his Jeep his five-year-old granddaughter climbed in first. Then his four-year-old grandson jumped in the back seat. The little boy landed on a rifle that was stored in the back seat. The rifle discharged, shooting the little girl.
They rushed to Central Mississippi Medical Center where the girl was pronounced dead. Police have ruled the death accidental.
Too sad.

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P Smith said...

What's sad is the stupid old man is being allowed to walk free. He created the circumstances that got the girl killed.

If he had killed the girl while driving drunk, people would be calling for a hanging, but because he's stupid enough when sober to leave a loaded weapon on a seat, he's "not a criminal"?

That's just plain stupid.