Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Teenage boy thought his cousin was a burglar, gets his gun and shoots her dead

26-year-old Joy Logan of Bay Minette, Alabama was visiting her aunt in Mobile. They went to visit a family member in the hospital and her aunt told Joy that because it was late, she should spend the night in Mobile instead of driving home. Joy took her aunt's key and went to the house. Meanwhile, Joy's cousin, 18-year-old Daniel Johnson was home alone, not knowing his cousin was coming over. He heard a noise, thought it was a burglar, went and got his gun and fatally shot his cousin.
The Mobile County Sheriff's Office said there was "no evidence the shooting was anything other than an accidental death." As is standard procedure, the case will be presented to a grand jury.
Ohh shoot.


Baldr Odinson said...

It's sad when people let their fears get the best of them. Shame he had a gun handy to live out those fears. Apparently, he didn't think to ask who it was.

A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to harm you or your family than to protect against an intruder. Your blog demonstrates this statistic every day.


I have this 1 question! What would any of you do in this situation? NO ONE knows until it is presented in front of you! He had to have been scared. I mean its pitch black dark, he's in an area that is almost always robbed, and it's 11:30pm. I mean he even called his mother to see if it was her! The media is portraying this story so incorrectly and its annoying I swear whats wrong with the world to day I thought being a reporter wasd suppose to get the facts, teach you to investigate, but apparently any moron can be a reporter these days just sit down and think of any story you want and put it on paper in black and white!

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly sad situation. This child, and yes 18 is still a child, will, for the rest of his life, have to live with the knowledge that he killed his cousin.
What would I do in that situation? If I was home alone at night and I thought someone was breaking in through the front door? I would grab my cell phone and go out the back door. There are no possessions in my house worth killing over.