Thursday, January 27, 2011

Security guard tries to play prank with gun, shoots himself in the hand instead

A 38-year-old security guard at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in South Carolina wanted to play "a joke" on another guard. He decided to empty the rounds from the other guard's gun and drop the bullets into the lock box where the gun was temporarily stored. He ejected the magazine from the gun but did not check to see that there was a bullet in the chamber. While unloading the magazine, he dropped the gun and tried to catch it, causing the gun to fire. The bullet hit him in his left hand and then lodged in a wall.
No one else was injured and no charges have been filed but the guard no longer works at the hospital. "This officer was a great asset to this hospital," said the hospital security director, "He did a tremendous job for us. He had a moment's lapse in judgement, and I have zero tolerance for that."
Ohh shoot.

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