Friday, February 8, 2013

Woman unintentionally shoots husband at McDonald's

48-year-old Barbara Master, of Bend, Oregon, and her husband, Richard Cooper, were at a local McDonald's restaurant. The couple was sitting in the restaurant's dining area when Masters leaned over and a .22-caliber Derringer handgun fell out of her pocket and hit the floor.

When the gun hit the floor, the impact caused the gun to go off, shooting Cooper in the abdomen. He was take to the local hospital where he was listed in serious condition.
Carney was charged with third degree assault and reckless endangering. Reports do not indicate whether or not Cooper had a concealed carry permit for the gun, however she was not charged with carrying a weapon without a permit.
Firearms are the only consumer product not regulated by a federal agency for health and safety. A gun that discharges when it hits the floor clearly has a design flaw yet the Consumer Product Safety Commission has no authority to issue a recall on any guns.
Customers in the restaurant where shocked to hear the gun go off. "Obviously, with all the things going on in our country and round the world, anything like this will affect people, and it is really scary," said a customer.


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