Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Man showing teenager how to handle a gun unintentionally shoots him. Teen may be paralyzed.

16-year-old Roy Weichers, of Millville, California, and a friend were at the house of 44-year-old Danny Gray. Gray was showing the teens how to handle and fire his Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun. According to news reports they were "practicing shooting techniques."
The police report that during a break "one of the teens there loaded the gun and they continued showing the shooting practice."
Gray was showing Roy how to fire the gun. He didn't realize the weapon was loaded and unintentionally shot Roy.
Roy is in the hospital in serious, but stable, condition. Doctors tried to remove the bullet in surgery but discovered it was wedged in Roy's spine. They were able to remove the bullet in a follow-up surgery but don't know whether or not Roy will be left paralyzed in his left leg.
"He is doing as well as can be expected," said his mother. "He will not fully recover...It will change his life forever."
Gray says he feels terrible but that this is a tragic accident.
Police are still investigating and haven't decided yet if charges will be filed.

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