Monday, February 11, 2013

Student at U. of Arkansas unintentionally shot in hand

Matthew Williamson is a student at the University of Arkansas. He has a work-study job at the radio station. Friday morning before heading to work he put a newly purchased Taurus .45-caliber revolver in his backpack. He was planning on going to the gun range after work.
He was showing a co-worker the gun in his backpack when the gun unintentionally discharged, shooting Williamson in the left hand. The gun was loaded with a small shotgun round that sent fragments that damaged Williamson's index finger and the meaty part of his hand. He is in danger of losing his finger.
Williamson sent a photo of his hand to a local tv station that showed the numerous stitches and pins doctors used to put his hand back together. However, because of the graphic nature of the wound the station decided to not air the picture.
Williamson does not have a permit to carry a concealed gun and also violated university policy of no firearms on school property. He could face charges on both counts.
Williamson said he owns several guns but after this incident he plans to sell them all. "I'm pretty despondent about the whole thing," he said.

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