Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teen buys rifle, later that day unintentionally shoots friend in the leg

18-year-old Kory Denton, of Crescent, Iowa, was target shooting with two friends. Kory's friend had just purchased a high powered rifle and the teens were checking it out.
They had finished shooting and were clearing out the weapon when they discovered that a cartridge was stuck in the gun. They were trying to remove the cartridge with a screwdriver when they unintentionally discharged the weapon.
The muzzle was pointed at Kory's leg and he was shot in the thigh.
Kory was taken to the local hospital and then flown by helicopter to a university medical trauma unit for surgery. The sheriff says Kory has a lot of recovery time ahead of him and it's very fortunate he wasn't more seriously injured, especially since the weapon is capable of doing a lot of damage.
Iowa does not require any gun safety training before residents can purchase a long gun.

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