Thursday, December 22, 2011

Man shoots at mouse, misses, hits roommate. Police investigate, arrest 3rd roommate on sex charges

To quote from - "Paul Klunzer's four-month relationship with a 13 year-old girl ended like many of these illegal relationships do: with his roommate shooting at a mouse with a handgun, missing, hitting a third roommate in the chest, and having police find the girl hiding in a closet in the course of the investigation."
It all started around 2 a.m. when a 27-year-old Taylorsville, Utah man saw a mouse in the kitchen. He took a 9mm handgun and shot at the mouse. He missed the mouse and the bullet went through the wall and into the bathroom. His 28-year-old roommate was in the bathroom at the time and the bullet struck him directly in the chest.
While police were conducting a routine search of the house they came across a 13-year-old girl hiding in a basement closet. Turns out the girl was having a relationship with a third roommate, 34-year-old Paul Klunzer.
Because the girl was underage, Klunzer was arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of rape, sodomy and aggravated sexual abuse.
The roommate who was shot was taken to the hospital, initially in serious condition but later upgraded to fair condition.
The roommate who did the shooting was not charged with any crime. Police said that alcohol was a factor in the shooting.
Ohh shoot.


Baldr Odinson said...

Wait... Something important was lost (what with the distraction about the rapist and girl). The shooter was drunk and shot at a mouse, in his house, and shot and nearly killed his roommate -- AND WASN'T CHARGED WITH ANYTHING? Nor, I assume, has his gun been confiscated. What a messed up nation we live in. There is absolutely nothing done to prevent this from happening again.

llewelly said...

Baldr, he helped the authorities catch a criminal. With a little luck, he might help them out again.